The fascination of visiting California, notably Los Angeles and Hollywood, will always be present in those who have grown up with American influence in their lives. The viewing of cinema and tv series , and now more recently reality-shows coming from Hollywood, has made us grow even more this feeling of wanting to know up close that wealthy, glamorous, and magical place where all the stars that we know from tv, live frantically their fabulous lives. But the reality is not quite like that. In the city dubbed angels, they are indeed the demons that inhabit it.

In the city where the Kardashian sisters pay for a hamburger of over $ 200, there are those struggling for a place to sleep on a less crowded sidewalk in the downtown area of Skid Row. The scenery is desolate, with extensive avenues, bridges, viaducts, tunnels, all filled with camping tents bright colors giving a new meaning to the city of dreams. An estimated 60,000, those in California the land of dreams, live in the streets. It is incredible the contrast and the gap that separates all that wealth and lifestyle to the misery in the purest state.

In downtown Los Angeles there are only 9 portable toilets available for about 2,500 people. Many of these people are arrested by the authorities for sleeping in the street and having their tents mounted on the sidewalks, an action punishable under California law. There are reports that local authorities are urging churches and community centers to stop feeding the homeless to encourage them to leave certain areas of the city center … feces and human urine accumulate in the streets, the syringes of the addicts , the garbage, the belongings of so many poor all there concentrated in an environment only known the poorest countries of the third world.

Contrasting with all this, the richest pass through those walks and streets filthy, full of despair and no prospect of the future, passing in their automobiles and luxurious Suv’s as if nothing was, because in their world only 15 minutes away none of this it’s real. Fifteen minutes away, the Kardashian sisters are still paying $ 20 for a bottle of water, or 250$ for a meal, while thousands find themselves in this miserable situation. And the government? This government that so proudly bears the whole world of its country and its people that protects so much? This government that criticizes so much the social problems of other nations and yet in its own house has the worst of the miseries … is this the America that we so much idolize? Is this the nation of the brave and the equal? The true meaning of the word propaganda, I discovered it now … and after all it is as dangerous and inhuman as this whole situation …

Alexandre Nunes 2018

All rigths reserved ( images)

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